Key IP Limited (since July 2000)

Kenny Shovell advises companies owning high-potential intellectual property.  His roles include market strategy and negotiations with strategic partners and investors.  He heads a consortium of professional equity investors, focusing on technology in special situations, including turnarounds, secondary purchases and pre IPO or trade sale.

Kenny also provides consulting expert advice to leading companies and entrepreneurs to facilitate dispute resolution.

Top 4 international accounting firm (April 1991 to June 2000)

As a Partner in the London Office of a Top 4 international accounting firm, Kenny specialized in intellectual property and transaction advice. He advised start-ups, Fortune 500 and Nasdaq companies. Kenny was also the firm’s UK nominated expert witness on intellectual property and advised on transaction disputes. His experience included trial, arbitration and mediation:

  • R 23 intellectual property
  • R 12 warranty claims/disputed completion accounts (Kenny also consulted on over 20 other cases and transactions)
  • R 13 other loss of profits/contract disputes/accounting negligence
  • R 5 IT.
  • Leading cases include


Top 4 Corporate Finance Manual: Accountants review of Sale & Purchase Agreements; handling warranty claims and completion accounts disputes.

Chapters on IP negotiation & valuation, and Devising an IP Tax Strategy, published in the 1997 MIP book Maximising the Value of Intellectual Property

Strategy papers: MIP Strategy Yearbook 1998 (building IP strategy) and 1999 (Viagra)

Key qualifications

1986: Maths Degree from Oxford University

  • 1987: Postgraduate Diploma in Actuarial Science (investment appraisal, pensions, economics & risk analysis) from the City University London
  • 1990: Chartered Accountant

1991: Fundamentals and Practice of Marketing, Charterd Institute of Marketing.

Outside interests

Former England U18 chess champion; Bronze medal swimming at 1992 World Corporate Games; 1996 British Backgammon champion.


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